Bryan Larsen
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Bryan Larsen: Anchorage (2003)
In the construction of a massive bridge, two of the engineers stand atop one of the supports, looking over the building process in its entire expanse. This painting presents an impression of elevation and upward expansion, as well as a domineering glance onto the water and the landscape, which, in the distance, is dotted by further noble products of industrial civilization, factories and skyscrapers. The men designing the bridge are studiously examining a blueprint and confidently master within their minds a process that is vastly larger than their own figures.                                                                                                                                                   ~ G. Stolyarov II
Bryan Larsen: Composition (2002)
Bryan Larsen: A Moment's Pause (2000) Bryan Larsen: Born with Wings (2003)
Next to a wide window that opens to a magnificent city view sits a thinker with pencil in hand. He has a satisfied smirk on his face, indicating that he has reached a crucial insight or produced a work of immense value. The viewer is not aware of the man's precise profession, but in this fact may be contained the message that such an attitude and such an atmosfere of clarity and focus can be applicable to a multiplicity of endeavors that advance the prosperity and mastery of the individual.     ~ G. Stolyarov II    
The pilot has landed her plane in an atypical location, a grassy field, but she confidently surveys the situation. She proudly glances upward and has already mastered her surroundings. She is evidently an expert flyer, not requiring landing strips to travel where she will. Larsen provides a two principal images of strength, the sleek, consistent texture of the airplane, and the firm, purposeful angles of the woman's own body.                 ~G. Stolyarov II
Historic Figures from left to right: Leonardo Da Vinci, William Shakespeare,
Michelangelo Buonarroti, Galileo Galilei, Thomas Edison, Nicolaus Corpenicus,
John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, Issac Newton, Thomas Aquinas,
Aristotle and Ayn Rand.
Bryan Larsen: Heiress (2000) (See Details Below)
Bryan Larsen: Explorer (2003)
Bryan Larsen: Heroes (2001)
A father and son stand in the foreground, observing intently the launch of a rocket. The flames emitted from the spacecraft are depicted in their full brilliance, while the little boy holds his own model spacecraft close to him. The child evidently enjoys a rational parent who himself is fascinated with the progress of man and encourages his son to exhibit the same forward-thinking spirit. The entire picture exhibits a dynamic harmony; it is a single, passing moment captured, but its concretized principles, scientific advancement, the spirit of exploration, aspiration, and proper parenthood, are universal and of colossal significance.           ~ G. Stolyarov II
Bryan Larsen: How Far We've Come (2003)
Bryan Larsen: Just the Beginning (2001)
Bryan Larsen: Pride (2000)
Bryan Larsen: Port of Call (2002)
Bryan Larsen: Study for Among the Clouds (2003) Bryan Larsen: Young Builder (2002)
This skyscraper is monumental, exceeding everything else by the majority of its height. It penetrates through the clouds and rises toward the stars, suggesting that Man's elevation is limited only by the extent of his initiative and exertion. This painting is a worthwhile vision of a future of ever-expanding human freedom and opportunity, and provides the intellectual fuel that champions of progress deserve.

G. Stolyarov II