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Has John Kerry Morphed into Al Gore?

Alan Caruba

Issue LX- May 29, 2006



The British author and critic, Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) said that a phony kind of patriotism was the last refuge of a scoundrel. These days it’s environmentalism.

When a candidate for president really doesn’t have any good ideas on how to keep the economy going strong, deal with America’s enemies, or any of the other practical necessities to insure our future, he always relies on the “environment” as his pitch for votes.

In the past, when a man was defeated in his quest for the presidency, he usually had the good sense and good grace to sink into anonymity, emerging only upon his death to receive the accolades that he hardly deserved in life. But not Al Gore or John F. Kerry.

Al Gore, who ran for president in 2000, is running around promoting his End-Of-The-World movie about global warming, spewing forth more hot air than all the industrialized nations combined. Sen. Kerry continues to represent Massachusetts. He is a Democrat who ran for the presidency in 2004 and was defeated by a margin of some three million popular votes. Kerry lost votes every time he tried thinking on his feet. It was always a mistake.

As if the war in Vietnam was the only seminal event in the lives of Americans, Kerry depicted himself as a hero “reporting for duty” and tried very hard to play down his previous testimony before a congressional committee that accused his fellow soldiers of being war criminals who committed atrocities. Ever the two-faced hypocrite, Kerry still envies against the Iraq invasion while mouthing support for our troops.

In January, an Associated Press story began by noting that, “It’s almost as if Sen. John Kerry never stopped running for president. He still jets across the country, raising millions of dollars and rallying Democrats. He still stalks the TV news show circuit, scolding President Bush at every turn.”

These days Kerry has morphed into the clone of Al Gore. In his quest for the presidency, he has created a committee called Keeping America’s Promise in order to have another shot at the party’s nomination. In the process, he is opposing “so-called energy policies written by Big Oil” and is against “sacrificing clean water, clean air, and our national parks so that the special interests can make more money.” 

Making more money is why America has an eleven-trillion-dollar economy. For reasons unknown to rational people, our current energy policies, promulgated in part by the U.S. Senate, involve a ban on drilling for copious amounts of oil in Alaska’s ANWR or anywhere off-shore of America. Soon enough Red China will be sucking oil just off the coast of Cuba, which is just off the coast of Florida!

According to Kerry, Republicans are “anti-environment”, “threatening the Arctic Refuge”, “selling off our national forests”, “weakening environmental standards” and, if we all vote for him, he will put America “on the path to genuine energy independence.”

He proposes to do this by “requiring utilities to gradually increase the portion of electricity produced from renewable sources such as wind, biomass, geothermal, and solar energy.” This is complete and utter blather. If they were viable, efficient sources of energy, they would be in use right now.

If Kerry wants to win votes in New Jersey, he should be advised that its largest daily newspaper recently ran an editorial titled, “Don’t make Jersey a wind power guinea pig.”  Even the senior Senator from Massachusetts, Teddy Kennedy, doesn’t want a vast wall of wind machines spoiling the view from his ancestral home in Hyannis Port.

It gets worse. Kerry wants “a mandate that agriculture will provide 20% of the total energy consumed in the United States by 2020.” He wants Congress to enact “energy efficiency measures to decrease energy use by 20% in 2020.” He wants “twenty percent of all passenger cards and trucks on the road” to be “high-efficiency, low emissions hybrids by 2020.” And, finally, “Congress should act to eliminate America’s oil imports from the Middle East by 2020.” But please do not drill for any oil anywhere in America!

These draconian and largely insane proposals constitute the bulk of Kerry’s known campaign platform. He may yet include the Osama bin Laden plank advocating the nation’s complete surrender and retreat from the Middle East

When will Americans be rid of Sen. Kerry? As the Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr noted in January, “Everyone in Massachusetts, including his ostensible supporters, knows what a complete fraud Kerry is and always has been.” His current efforts to campaign for the presidency once more were, said Carr, “delusional.” These words, of course, could just as easily be applied to Al Gore.

Do not, however, discount the totally bereft Democrat Party’s capacity for self-delusion. It is too soon to say who will emerge as the Party’s choice, but consider yourself sufficiently warned that John F. Kerry still wants to be your next Commander in Chief.

Alan Caruba writes a weekly column, “Warning Signs”, posted on the Internet site of The National Anxiety Center, www.anxietycenter.com.

© Alan Caruba, 2006

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