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Quackgrass Activism

Michael Miller

Issue IX- November 28, 2002


Communism was overthrown by photocopiers and fax machines. The American Revolution was won by Committees of Correspondence and revolutionary pamphlets. All the armies of the world are powerless in the face of an idea whose time has come! 

Ideas make history. Every movement is propelled by ideas. Ideas define a movement's goals. Ideas express a movement's strategy and tactics. Ideas create shared values. Ideas are the necessary basis of coordinated action. Ideas create movements. 

Paper moves ideas. To pass along a sheet of paper is to pass along the ideas written on it. Paper preserves ideas. If you give a speech, you will only be heard today. If you give a sheet of paper, you may be heard for years—by people you've never seen. 

Copiers reproduce ideas. Copiers turn ideas into something like living things, with no limit to their growth. Copiers are genital organs of ideas. 

Suppose an activist issues 100 copies of a paper. Suppose that 10% of those who receive it choose to become activists. Then these 10 will issue 1,000 copies among them. If this keeps up, by the 6th generation of copies there will be 100,000 activists distributing 10,000,000 copies! 

This spectacular growth is the work of the chain letter principle. Chain letters fail when they saturate their market, but this kind of activism succeeds when it saturates the market. Its aim is to saturate the market, to make the ideas available to all. The very fact which explains the failure of chain letters explains the power of quackgrass activism.  

Quackgrass activism is the spreading of good ideas by making and distributing many copies of them. Quackgrass activism is an extremely good idea. (So copy this article!) 

One factor determines the success of quackgrass activism. If each activist distributes enough copies to reach two or more new activists, it succeeds. If everyone was an activist, 2 copies would be enough. If only one in 50 will become an activist, 100 copies are needed to reach two new activists. 

The other 98 copies are not wasted: they are the point of it all! Reaching fellow activists is essential, but it is preaching to the converted; the other 98 copies can win new allies! 

Quackgrass activism grows explosively when conditions are right, but it still does good work in bad conditions. Like its namesake, it spreads invisibly underground, and pops up in the most amazing places. Like quackgrass roots, it forms an almost unstoppable growing network. Quackgrass activism ignores political correctness, conventional lies and establishment bias. It creeps in everywhere, and cannot be controlled. Quackgrass activism thrives on campaigns of silence against its ideas!  

Quackgrass activism can boost an idea from unthinkable to inevitable with shocking speed. Quackgrass activism is the stuff of revolutions. It is every establishment's worst nightmare! 

Become a quackgrass activist. You will need a source, a copier and a forum. 

Source. You can apply quackgrass activism to whatever ideas you like, and we hope you like ours. Quackgrass Press publishes articles from time to time. Stock your arsenal: collect all our issues. Write us. 

Copier. Most drugstores seem to have copiers. Quick-print shops do. So do private rent-a-mailbox shops. Cost in quantities of 100 sheets is about a nickel a page. Some places will collate and staple for the same price. 
Forum. Yours to choose: here are suggestions. Friends and relatives, near and far. Victims of political correctness—gun owners, loggers, oilmen, miners, businessmen, etc. Those defended by a given article. Meetings—political, PTA, 4H club, bridge club, staff, it doesn't matter. Paper your office. Define a paper route for yourself, and stuff mailboxes. Ingenuity is a virtue! 

Have fun!
You'll meet a lot of fine men1 as you go along, and maybe make some lifelong friends. Quackgrass activism is no grim duty: quackgrass activism is a joy!  


1.About half of them will be women. We don't speak femspeak! 


You needn’t despair at at media bias—you can become a Quackgrass activist! Copy this article! Keep the original for future copies. Paper meetings with it! Paper your office! Leave a stack on your business counter! If you expect hostility, use stealth and cunning—it’ll drive your opponents wild! Be ingenious! Have fun!

Michael Miller is an engineer and Objectivist filosofer with thirty years of experience. He had been a member of Boycott Alberta Medicare in 1969 and of the Association to Defend Property Rights from 1973 on. He writes in-depth filosofical theory for Quackgrass Press, which can be accessed at http://www.quackgrass.com.

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