Letter to the Editor

On Mr. Stolyarov's Review of Noble Vision

Gen LaGreca

A Journal for Western Man-- Issue XXXIX-- August 13, 2005

         Note: Several days ago, Mr. Stolyarov has received a pleasant surprise in his mailbox, a message from Gen LaGreca, the author of Noble Vision, a novel which Mr. Stolyarov has recently reviewed. Ms. LaGreca has given her permission to reprint her letter here, so that it might be shared with the readers of The Rational Argumentator.

Dear Mr. Stolyarov:
I want to tell you how deeply I appreciate your insightful and beautifully written review of my novel, NOBLE VISION. You thoughtfully and clearly covered the plot, subplots, characters, conflicts, theme, and broader implications. (Incidentally, a major message I wanted to convey was the arbitrariness of the notion of a public interest, which you captured perfectly in the passage you sited.) Especially in light of the book's history of rejections from scores of agents and publishers, and the lack of interest of booksellers in stocking it, I'm thrilled to receive the recognition you've given me. I hope to publish more novels, and your comments encourage me to do so. I see that your review has been posted on various websites; please know that I'm extremely grateful for the exposure.
Thank you for taking the time to write your review. I will treasure it.
Best wishes to you with your own writing endeavors,
Gen LaGreca

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