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Premises and Practices of an Effective Rational Orator:
July 23, 2005:
G. Stolyarov II, himself a public speaker, offers a set of principles that orators seeking to propagate rational ideas should heed in order to facilitate a thoughtful, thorough, sincere, and, above all, civil, transmission of ideas. These principles encompass both the speaker's desired underlying assumptions and his methods.
Novice Thoughts on Objectivism:
July 14, 2005:
Having recently read the novels of Ayn Rand and An Objectivist Statement of Resolves, Anthony Rabattini offers his own assesment of the benefits of Objectivism as a filosofy integrating theory and practice and offering individuals the freedom to choose how to lead their lives.
Not So Objective "Objective Medicine:"
July 21, 2005:
G. Stolyarov II has been disappointed to learn that some Objectivists share a mindset comparable with that of medieval Inquisitors in rushing to morally condemn others as irreparably evil, and delighting in it. Unfortunately, Dr. Richard Parker of Objective Medicine has recently demonstrated precisely that mentality, which was the reason for his rash and unsubstantiated breach of association with TRA.
Religion and Absolute Moral Values:
July 22, 2005:
Theists often like to claim that, without religious faith, man would lose the guidance of absolute moral values. However, argues Reginald Firehammer, what religion provides is not moral values, but a moral code, which is necessarily incomplete for guiding a fully principled life. To be fully ethical in one's conduct, one must look beyond religion to rational, secular filosofy.
On Relationships Prior to Marriage:
July 28, 2005:
A premarital romantic relationship is fundamentally different from a married one, writes G. Stolyarov II, illustrating the properties unique to rational premarital relationships. Mr. Stolyarov contends that such relationships need to be structured so as to avoid irreversible consequences, thereby arguing for the rationality and moral necessity of abstinence until marriage.
How Can One Design a Better Widget?:
July 18, 2005:
In an era of big science, big industry, and hyper-specialization, can a single man design a breakthrough invention all on his own? Are the obstacles to Renaissance Men existing today truly technical, or are they attitudinal? This short story by G. Stolyarov II explores these questions.
Literary Analysis
A Review of Andrew Bernstein's The Capitalist Manifesto:
July 26, 2005:
Dr. Edward W. Younkins reviews a new book by Dr. Andrew Bernstein, which comprehensively outlines the political, economic, and moral justification for laissez-faire capitalism worldwide.
The Right to Self-Defense:
July 14, 2005:
The recent Supreme Court verdict in the case of Castle Rock v. Gonzales implies that police are no longer under the legal obligation to enforce restraining orders or protect citizens from crime. This, writes Wendy McElroy, makes it ever more imperative for citizens to be allowed and encouraged to own guns and train to defend themselves.
Bad Research Leads to Bad Law:
July 20, 2005:
An alarming amount of studies in the "soft sciences" are either permeated with inherent bias or outright fabricated, reveals Wendy McElroy. Yet, these studies often serve as justifications for ill-thought-out legislation which perpetuates such sloppy research in a self-continuing cycle. 
Ponzi State:
July 20, 2005:
What do today's welfare state and the financial swindling of early crook Charles Ponzi have in common? They are essentially the same thing, contends Michael Miller.
Should We Ban Chemotherapy, Too?:
July 22, 2005:
Paul Driessen argues that the efforts of environmentalist activist organizations to restrict the use of th pesticide DDT in African countries inflict damage comparable to that which would occur were chemotherapy banned in the United States.
On Campus, Only Some Free Speech Protected:
July 27, 2005:
A recent incident at William Paterson University in New Jersey illustrates a double standard: advocates of the public promotion of homosexuality are given full free speech protections, whereas opponents are not, writes Wendy McElroy. Furthermore, the full administrative weight of the state seems all too disturbingly ready to fall on those who question homosexuality, like 63-year-old Jihad Daniel.
Stop the Pledge of Allegiance in the New School Year:
August 1, 2005:
Attorney Rex Curry believes that, if Americans knew the true history of the Pledge of Allegiance, authored by a self-proclaimed "military socialist" seeking to subordinate all of American life to intrusive government, they would quickly reject this collectivist ritual. For this purpose, Mr. Curry enlightens us as to the Pledge's origins and nature.