Going, Going, Gone

Rodney Rawlings
Issue CCLXIII - October 29, 2010
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The Rational Argumentator  is proud to feature a new arrangement by Mr. Rawlings of a song he wrote a long time ago.


GOING, GOING, GONE is my treasure.
And the loss is one I can measure.
For I lost her
...At an auction.
My account, almost overdrawn,
Could not keep going on and on;
Now the tender prize
Is some other guy's.

What was going on now, I wondered?
But it soon would dawn how I'd blundered.
What I see now
Had to be, now.
Her perfumes and her smile so wan
Had been all I was going on,
Going, going on,
Going on and on.

When a man is well to do, he has this big advantage:
All the girls will be falling at his feet.
But for a man who tightens his belt and can't take many chances
It's a struggle just to make ends meet.

"GOING, GOING, GONE to that man there!"
One and only one raised his hand there--
At the market
Of romancing,
Where the one with the highest pay
Gets to bid all the girls away.
Going, going once--
Going, going twice--
Sold! To that lucky man who meets her price.

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