On Poetic Clarity

G. Stolyarov II
Issue XXVI - September 10, 2004
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If you seek ambiguity,
In searching here,
You do but err.

Who fancies incongruity,
And worships the unclear,
Best look elsewhere.

Some poets will
A mystery invent,
To leave unsolved.

I say with thrill:
"I do dissent!
Let all doubt be dissolved!"

Men Reason need,
To learn of right,
Not impotence,
And truth to heed,
And in discovery delight,
Of why and how and whence
What is, is such,
And whether it need be.
There is no sense
To not include so much
In clearest poetry.

To those who ask,
My poet's task
Is not to veil,
But to display,
Nor but suggest
What I can say.
Readers need not
Infer the rest
With guesses wrought
To no avail,
For, what I thought,
I here expressed,
For all time to prevail.

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