Men for Freedom

Viresh Amin
Issue CCXXXII - January 19, 2010
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Men for freedom
Wish to see liberty reign,
Envision oppression in wane,

Have no one to impress,
Only need to see progress.

They speak for the individual,
Yet we only see the inevitable.

We cry for sound currencies,
Only to obtain devalued monies.

The economy is in a dire strait.
Government decides to subjugate.

How much further must we slide?
Before the government subsides.

They promise us prosperity.
Instead we suffer for their liability.

The U.S. is essentially bankrupt.
Nevertheless, they prop their buddies up.

If history is to have a say,
Past problems are still here today.

Liberty has proven correct.
How many times must they forget?

Man shall keep his entire wage.

And this will lead us into a new age. 


The economies that were in dire straits

Will, instead, remind them of their foolish debates. 


Man will once again be free,

And a new age will come to be.


Let them imagine what the world could be

If we all could live in a free society.

Imagination is the first step.

After this, all will accept.

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