Against YouTube's Policy of Censorship -- Video

G. Stolyarov II
January 3, 2010
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Freedom of peaceful expression is one of the most fundamental values of a civilized society — and one of the basic rights of human beings. YouTube’s automatic bannings and restrictions on users who violate no laws, initiate no force, and whose speech would be inoffensive to reasonable audiences, are intolerable. The mere accusation of wrongdoing, however maliciously motivated and grounded in falsehood, can currently lead to videos being removed and accounts being suspended. There is no adequate due process, no presumption of innocence until proven guilty, and no opportunity for users who have been penalized to present their case to YouTube. This cannot be allowed to continue.

Go to Censortube.

There, you can sign a petition, join a Facebook group, and help communicate widespread disapproval of current practices to YouTube.

The musical composition accompanying this video is Mr. Stolyarov’s own: Theme and Variations #1, Op. 61.

You can find all of Mr. Stolyarov’s musical compositions available for free download, distribution, and use here.

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