The Run, Op. 64

G. Stolyarov II
November 23, 2009
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The Run, Op. 64: Listen and Download.

Length: 2:03

This composition for two harpsichords is quite modern in its structure and harmonies, but manages to remain free of unresolved dissonance and maintain a melodic dynamism. The piece conveys rapid motion – as in a fast run – as well as a sense of exertion and onward momentum. It intensifies toward the end and reaches a sudden, rapid conclusion – as a runner might do upon completing a predetermined distance.

The entire work is built upon four chords in C minor, which are arranged in a variety of ways – with the main melody (A) being interspersed with related but structurally different melodies and becoming more intense, powerful, and rapid with each repetition. The structure of the piece is ABA’CA’’DA’’’E, where E is the conclusion.

All the notes of this piece are either sixteenth notes or thirty-second notes, making it quite difficult for a human musician to perform. As such, it is another example of Mr. Stolyarov’s genre of superclassical music – composed using traditional harmonies but in tempos and instrumental arrangements that only a computer is likely to be able to execute.

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