Issue CC

July 6-11, 2009

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Christina Romer's Faulty Depression History:
Robert P. Murphy
July 11, 2009
Christina Romer, chair of the Council of Economic Advisers to President Obama, recently wrote an ode to Keynesian deficit spending as a method for curing severe recessions. Yet, writes Dr. Robert Murphy, a simple glance at the big picture shows that the Keynesian story makes no sense.

Celebrating the Fight for Freedom on the Fourth:
Ron Paul
July 6, 2009
Every year on the Fourth of July we remember our founding fathers and the precious inheritance of freedom that they secured for us.  Every year it seems we get further and further away from that birthright, but Rep. Ron Paul writes that we still have much to celebrate.

They Discovered Gold in Hell... or How the Lie of Manmade Global Warming Became the Most Powerful Political Force in Human History:
Tom DeWeese
July 6, 2009
Not long ago a very talented salesman died and found himself approaching the Pearly Gates. As he drew closer he noticed there was a very long line of people waiting to enter, and it wasn’t moving. Thus begins a parable by Tom DeWeese about how the myth of manmade global warming became the most powerful political force in human history.

Hypocrisy That Knows No Bounds:
Marita Noon
July 9, 2009
President Obama’s comments as he introduced the new CAFÉ Standards pushed Marita Noon to the keyboard to pound out her observations. Here’s the comment that got her gall up. “We’ve brought everyone together—car companies, environmentalists, California, 14 states…giving everyone what they want, and they want fuel efficient cars.” Why does this have Ms. Noon so riled? How does she view this as hypocrisy? Read on to find out.

Barack Obama, Hugo Chavez, and Honduras:
Selwyn Duke
July 9, 2009
It has been interesting watching the response to the Honduran military’s recent ousting of its nation’s president, Manuel Zelaya.  Barack Obama called the action “not legal,” and Hillary Clinton said that the arrest of Zelaya should be condemned.  Selwyn Duke believes that most interesting, perhaps, is that taking this position places them shoulder to shoulder with Fidel Castro, Daniel Ortega, and Venezuela’s roaring mouse, Hugo Chavez, who is threatening military action against Honduras.  Now, some would say this is an eclectic group — others would say, not so much — regardless, what has gotten them so upset?

Gang Attacks White Family, Shouts "This is a Black World"; Police "Aren't Ready to Call It a Hate Crime":
Selwyn Duke
July 10, 2009
Many opponents of hate-crime laws have long pointed out that they will never be applied equitably. The laws exist solely to punish members of politically-incorrect groups who commit politically-incorrect crimes. That is to say, they're not about eliminating hate — they're about targeting those the Left hates. If ever there was a case that vindicated this thesis, writes Selwyn Duke, it's a recent unprovoked attack on a white Ohio family by a mob of black teens. Police in Akron, OH, are not ready to call this clear incident of hate-provoked violence a hate crime.

"The Age of Despotism":
Chuck Baldwin
July 10, 2009
This past Independence Day weekend, Dr. Chuck Baldwin's friend, LCDR (Retired) Guy Cunningham, delivered an outstanding address in Pensacola, Florida, in which he said that America is now in "The Age of Perfidy." He went on to say that our country is soon to enter "The Age of Despotism." Dr. Baldwin candidly confesses that he believes the retired Naval officer could be more right than we might want to admit.

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day:
Marita Noon and Robin Dozier Otten 
July 11, 2009
The news has been bleak for those of us who support energy freedom and free-market principles. With that in mind we must take solace in any small victory we can. They have been few and far between.
Recently, however, in one week in March, there were four bits of news worthy of celebration. Marita Noon and Robin Dozier Otten discuss some of the recent victories for friends of free markets.

High-Level Energy Regulations Hurt the Man on the Street:
Marita Noon
July 11, 2009
Each day the news is full of stories about some legislation that is being pushed through. In 2008 Congress passed 285 new bills. Some, such as red-light cameras, have obvious impacts on our lives. Others are more obscure, particularly when it comes to energy. But Marita Noon warns that he hidden impacts often come from energy regulations that seldom make the news—or if they do, the cost to the average person’s life is unclear. New Mexico's recent "pit rule" with regard to oil drilling is a case in point.

As California Goes...:
Alan Caruba
July 11, 2009
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declared an economic crisis two weeks ago in order to demand some fiscal sanity that has not been forthcoming from its legislature. By the end of the month, California will be forced to pay bills with IOUs, and we all know that won’t work. Alan Caruba writes that the policies that brought California to the brink of financial collapse are the same policies— education¸ housing, energy—being pursued by the Obama administration and, if California is a template for what will occur nationwide, it portends a very grim future.

"For having lived long, I have experienced many instances of being obliged, by better information or fuller consideration, to change opinions, even on important subjects, which I once thought right but found to be otherwise." 
~ Benjamin Franklin