Why the Right Should Stop Attacking Homosexuality -- Video -- Part 2 of 4

G. Stolyarov II
Issue CLXXII - September 7, 2008
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The second video in Mr. Stolyarov’s four-part series encouraging legal and social tolerance of homosexuality discusses the non-coercive nature of homosexual behavior. It is a waste of the energies of conservatives and others on the political Right to target activities that hurt nobody who does not engage in them. It is especially a waste considering how many truly dangerous proposals exist for the expansion of governmental controls. If Right-wing thinkers and activists focused a lot less on combating homosexuality and a lot more on combating growing, intrusive government, then liberty might achieve a few highly needed victories. But it will not be possible to have smaller government if many Right-wingers simply continue to rail against homosexuals while ignoring the real, glaring problems before us.

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