Why the Right Should Stop Attacking Homosexuality -- Video -- Part 1 of 4

G. Stolyarov II
Issue CLXXII - September 6, 2008
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Mr. Stolyarov’s essay, “Why the Right Should Stop Attacking Homosexuality,” has been adapted to a four-part video presentation. Each part focuses on one of Mr. Stolyarov’s major arguments regarding why the legal and social opposition to homosexuality currently displayed by many on the political Right should cease. Mr. Stolyarov’s first argument regards the individuality of every homosexual person and the need to judge every such person as an individual. If forming a judgment about a heterosexual person based solely on his or her sexual preferences seems ridiculous to most of us, then it is as ridiculous to judge homosexual persons based solely on this dimension of their lives.  Please help promote this video by going to this page and giving it a rating of five stars, as well as embedding it on your websites and sharing it with others.

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