The First Atheists -- Video

G. Stolyarov II
Issue CLXX - August 12, 2008
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This short video by Mr. Stolyarov is a new rendering of his essay, “The First Atheists.” It gives a brief overview of two of the first explicit known atheists in human history: Diagoras of Melos and Theodorus of Cyrene. It also discusses how these thinkers influenced subsequent philosophers and currents of thought.

An interesting follow-up: While, when it comes to truth-value, it does not matter which ideas are older than which others, the fact that atheism is older than Christianity does conclusively refute the notion that atheists are just anti-Christians who hate the Christian idea of God. Atheism as such is not a reaction against Christianity as such. It is simply a lack of belief in any and all gods, including the Christian one. But atheists are not the enemy of Christianity, despite what some intolerant Christians might suggest.

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