Fashionable Fallacies (#13-18)

G. Stolyarov II
Issue XVII - August 25, 2003
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“Tm more experienced than you.

Thus, what you say must be untrue.”

Fuming with spite, reactionaries rise

And with false righteousness proclaim these words.


Farewell, Invention! This is your demise

If rites expired can resurrect the age of herds.



The cases most confounding, sickening, and sour

Are when destroyers claim to aid what they devour.


Take progress: leftists shower it with praise

While hungering its factories to raze.


Take liberty: it existentialism exalts

While blaming on free markets all of mankind’s faults.


Take science: greens declare it paramount

While stifling development and innovation’s fount.


Take love: the theocrats wish it to spread

By telling us to blindly love the things we dread.


To whom should the reactionary’s name belong

But them, for savage, stagnant, leveling caves who long?



Persons of lust will claim with inflamed zeal

That romance out of marriage poses great appeal.

To comprehend their blunder, plainly let me state:

They crave a salad having not a plate!



Our era’s “common sense” has so far run amok

To deem bureaucracy eternal as a rock.


But Reason never shall from superstition’s vines break free

Until its hatchet cuts down statism like a tree.



“Popular wisdom’s” ludicrous; I laugh, for one,

When hearing that “there’s nothing new under the sun.”


Did ancients fly in airplanes,

Upon a hundred stories stand?

Did savages know Newton’s Laws,

Or the discoveries of Rand?

Did the arrested Eastern lands

Bring forth untiring robots’ hands

Or antedate what Edison had done?


Of course, some aspects are not new:

Bureaucracies prescribing men their due,

Men wriggling, twisting to redundant drums,

Spite-driven, bleating mobs from slums,

Archaic dogma that ambition numbs,

The old mimicked by many, newness forged by few,

Of whose ambrosia mediocrities reap crumbs,

Which folksy moralists teach as eternity to view.



“If we abandon regulation,

We shall return to the primeval age.”

Why does it not spark indignation

That socialists can this deception stage?

Does the industrialist’s top hat mimic savage dress?

Do cloning and space tourism constitute regress?


Or is this claim a rationalization

To substitute for skyscrapers a bamboo cage?

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