Every Thousand Years

Rodney Rawlings
Issue CLXV - June 28, 2008
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“Every Thousand Years” by Rodney Rawlings is a song about the future and looking forward to changes that will improve our lives. Length: 2:29

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Lyrics by Mr. Rawlings:


All the cynics keep assuring us there can be nothing new beneath the sun,

And what’s the use

Hoping that the dark

Sky above us clears?


Just when bright solutions stir to life, the masses move to kill them, every one.

So we remain

Shackled to the past,

Nothing new appears.


Only let your vision climb

Toward the longer spans of time,

You’ll see that change

Seems to come about



So, my friend, you should be confident that if you let the present have its run

And listen hard,

Maybe you’ll perceive

Music of the spheres.


What is that I hear you saying now, that you would rather hear the future’s won?

Well, it’s a great

Day, then, if you do,

And I’ll be right

By the side of you—

The hour is late,

Changes are too few



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