Civility: A Powerful Weapon - Video

G. Stolyarov II
Issue CLXV - June 28, 2008
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This video is intended to convince all supporters of free markets and high standards of morality to adopt a civil approach in conveying these ideas to others. Civility can be a powerful tool in your arsenal for promoting ideas and actually persuading others to adopt them. Thus, I hope that you will watch this video, deliberate over its arguments, and pass it on to others who wish to promote liberty and morality.

You can spread this video to other readers by recommending this page using the hyperlink above, by voting for it on, or by giving it a high rating on YouTube. Hopefully, the effect of this effort will be a slightly more civil intellectual arena and, ultimately, a more civil world. By little increments, it may be possible to influence massive behavioral improvements among people – along the lines of the improvements that have already occurred throughout the centuries.

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