Strength in Numbers

Rodney Rawlings
Issue CLXIII - June 18, 2008
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“Strength in Numbers” is a song composed by Rodney Rawlings about the importance of autonomy and rational individualism.

The following are the song’s lyrics, also written by Mr. Rawlings:


There’s STRENGTH IN NUMBERS”—that’s what they teach.

You join a crowd so no one can harm you.

Find STRENGTH IN NUMBERS, all you can reach—

Standing proud, you’ll walk arm in arm through hell.


But their dark, secret shame

Hides a shell, and a shell is a game played.

Fear takes the lead, reason slumbers.

There’s no aim, just a game played with numbers.

If you wish to be strong, you don’t need a throng, old chum;

And what’s more, you’ll always be number one with me,

If you must measure STRENGTH IN NUMBERS.


The Rational Argumentator is proud to host this inspiring, harmonious, and well crafted composition.

Strength in Numbers: Listen and Download.

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