Beware: "Free" Medical Care Will Kill You - On Purpose!

Tom DeWeese
Issue CXLIV - February 7, 2008
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The great debate on medical care is taking place in this year's presidential campaign. Much is made of the fact that care costs too much and that government isn't doing enough to provide coverage for the poor and elderly. Be careful - you may regret ever-encouraging government - controlled medicine.

Case in point, this report from England (Don't treat the old and unhealthy, say doctors) where full government health care is "provided" free to every citizen. For years, free-market advocates like myself have had to endure lectures from our little socialist friends about the glories of "free" health care. We keep pointing out that nothing is free - and now the folks in England may be paying for that health care with their lives - literally.

When government gets overburdened and revenues don't keep up with all the grand plans of a horde of politicians, someone has to feel the pain. Today, England's treasury can't keep up with the massive costs of health care. So the bureaucrats, such fiscally responsible folks - just serving the people, you understand - have decided the best way to cut costs is to stop providing health care to those who are too old or those who leave "unhealthy lives." Of course, government gets to decide who they are.

It's important to note here that the reason health care cost so much today is because government got involved in health care in the first place. It mostly started for the United States back in the 1960s under Lyndon Johnson's "compassionate" policy of universal health care. From that time, a visit to the doctor went from costing a few dollars to hundreds, affordable only through insurance payments. It's no coincidence that the quality of health care also started to go down as the costs soared. Socialized medicine does not work. Period.

The force driving this policy today is a sinister policy called Sustainable Development, as outlined in a UN document called Agenda 21. Sustainable Development is a horrific mix of socialism and fascism that is now taking over the world. It’s unhealthy for the economy, your private property, and your health as Sustainable Medicine begins to take over your local hospital and family doctor. (SUSTAINABLE MEDICINE + SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT = DUTY TO DIE) Decisions on quality care will not be made by them but by mindless, faceless government agencies who feel not an ounce of passion for your elderly mom or your ailing son.

Welcome to the new utopia of Sustainable Development now being brought to you by the U.S. Congress, the President, your state legislature, and your city council. Remember their compassionate promises to make your life better under Sustainable Development as you watch your loved ones die because they have been refused health care.

By the way, this wouldn't happen in a free market where you would make the decisions about your health care. But of course, that's not politically correct.

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Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, property rights and back-to-basics education. For over thirty years he has fought against government oppression.

In 1988, Mr. DeWeese established the American Policy Center (APC), an activist think tank headquartered in Warrenton, VA. In 1992 Tom DeWeese became passionately involved in the fight for the preservation of American private property rights and against intrusive environmental regulations. He is also a recognized leader in the fight to preserve American national sovereignty from intrusive United Nations policies on global governance. APC has also joined the fight to rescue American education from federal intrusion and the fight for American privacy rights against intrusive government data banks, and a national identification card.

Mr. DeWeese makes regular appearances on radio and television talk shows and has articles published in several national publications.

Tom DeWeese is the publisher/editor of The DeWeese Report. You can contact Mr. DeWeese here.

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