Jesus and Substance

G. Stolyarov II
Issue CXCI 
March 31, 2009
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Jesus and Substance


This satirical work of quasi-art was made by Mr. Stolyarov using MS Paint. The image was deliberately designed to show too much Jesus and too little substance, as a commentary on the rather ridiculous proclivities of some who try to stuff Jesus into every area of their lives and to justify every single action in which they engage by reference to Jesus. It can be seen here that the image of Jesus does not fit within the boundaries of the picture; there is too much Jesus – a play on too many invocations of Jesus in the discourse of some. The blue sphere in the top left-hand corner represents substance – tiny compared to Jesus and occurring in about a similar proportion in conversations where Jesus is inserted into everything.

The basis for the image of Jesus was a painting by Giotto, “Jesus Carries His Cross.”

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