A Journal for Western Man-- Issue XXXVII
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Apollo v. Stolyarov or How Not to Behave in an Argument:
July 13, 2005:
Recently, G. Stolyarov II was challenged via e-mail by one, Adrian Apollo, who disagreed with certain aspects of Mr. Stolyarov's rational cosmology. Unfortunately, while Mr. Stolyarov provided thorough, idea-focused responses, Mr. Apollo was unable to remain civil during the exchange. Aside from the debate itself, readers can study Mr. Apollo's lapse into personal attacks and evasions as a model for how not to conduct oneself in a discussion.
About Forums and Truth-- Part 2:
June 21, 2005:
Reginald Firehammer continues his expose of the lies spread on the SoloHQ forum about the intellectual positions of those who disagree with SoloHQ's founder, Lindsay Perigo. While accusing others of dishonesty, it is Perigo himself who is the most dishonest of them all.
The Axiomatic, Ubiquitous, and Commonsense:
July 6, 2005:
G. Stolyarov II presents the first chapter of his new master treatise, A Rational Cosmology, explicating a consistent filosofical view of the fundamentals of existence. This particular essay concerns the empiricist-positivist fallacy and its harms.
Historical Analysis
Protection is Like War:
July 10, 2005:
Dr. Gary M. Galles recalls the wisdom of Henry George, the 19th century American economist who proved that protectionist restrictions on free trade are the equivalent of waging war on ourselves, and analogous to restricting the vital mechanisms of the human body.
Literary Analysis
A Review of G. Stolyarov II’s Eden against the Colossus:
July 7, 2005:
Sarah Brodsky analyzes Eden against the Colossus, a science fiction mystery novel by G. Stolyarov II. She specifically discusses the book’s themes, logical structure of presentation, and the devices used by the author to carry across his worldview.
Noble Aspirations, Op. 42:
June 21, 2005:
This work by G. Stolyarov II illustrates the virtue and reward of striving for truth, beauty, and accomplishment in all things. Left-click to listen and right-click to download. 
March #7 (Glory and Purpose), Op. 44:
June 21, 2005:
This march highlights the qualities of determination and grandeur, which Mr. Stolyarov seeks to revive in a contemporary society that greatly lacks them. 
Missing: Males on College Campuses:
June 21, 2005:
Mainstream feminists try to portray institutional barriers against female advancement, but in fact, writes Wendy McElroy, it is males who are enrolling in colleges in lower numers. This hurts not only the males themselves, but the prospects of many women as well.
Responses to G. Stolyarov II's Challenges to the Theory of Private Law:
June 22, 2005:
Dr. Robert P. Murphy addresses the first nineteen of G. Stolyarov II's thirty-three challenges to his theory of market anarchy. This set of responses concerns Dr. Murphy's essay on private law and constitutes a defense of anarcho-capitalist society over the alternative of limited government.
Parents Must Assert Rights Over School Authorities:
June 22, 2005:
Recent public school questionnaires attempt to violate students' and parents' privacy, infringe upon parental sovereignty in child education, and impose "alternative" sexual agendas upon children, writes Wendy McElroy. It is time that parents strike back and refuse to sanction the State's usurpation of their kids.
Corporate Social Responsibility in Peru:
June 28, 2005:
Local demonstrators and activists in La Oroya, Peru, are speaking out in favor of Doe Run Peru, a mining firm that has greatly improved their quality of life, writes Dr. Patrick Moore. The fact that international environmental groups now wish to shut down the company only indicates their own corruption and lack of actual concern for the people who benefit from it.
Congress Should Kill Discriminatory Domestic Violence Act:
June 30, 2005:
Wendy McElroy argues that the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is fundamentally flawed in that it presumes only women to be victims of domestic violence and often results in little to no legal protection for male victims of the crime. There is a powerful network of bureaucrats and activists who are resisting the elimination of this unfair anti-male bias in the law, but the damage done by WAVA merits the immediate repeal of said legislation.
Do Caribou Have More Rights Than People?:
July 10, 2005:
Scott Kauzlarich has tracked and analyzed the Supreme Court's recent Kelo v. New London ruling, legalizing the use of eminent domain to redistribute land to private parties. He finds the ruling such a gross infringement on people's inalienable property rights that he now wonders whether caribou are better protected by United States law than human beings.