A Journal for Western Man-- Issue XXXIII
Letters to the Editor on Issue XXXIII Contents
March 29, 2005:

(On the subject of Mr. Stolyarov's article, "A Principled and Fundamental Opposition to the Savage Murder of Terri Schiavo")

From what I understand, Michael Schiavo sued and won, from some doctors, a fair sized sum of money for the lifetime care of Terri Schiavo, even when he "knew" of her desire not to live in the state that she was in.  Since he neglected to tell anyone at that time of her "wish" as he has (presumably) testified under oath in more recent hearings, and that he knew at the time of the original malpractice suit that she wanted to die, would it be reasonable to charge him with fraud for saying he was going to try to keep her alive and care for her against her express wishes.  Even if one could not get him for criminal fraud, could the insurance companies and/or doctors who paid for a lifetime of care get back the remaining money and maybe anything left of his $300,000.  They should at least make sure that he does not profit from "fraudulently" asserting that he was going to care for her.

George Hadley
Normandy Park, WA

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