February 6-12, 2011

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Panel Series I: Red II:
Wendy Stolyarov

February 6, 2011
This artwork by Mrs. Stolyarov is a companion piece to Panel Series I: Red.

Self-Portrait - January 2011:
Wendy Stolyarov

February 6, 2011
A new self-portrait by Mrs. Stolyarov, based on a pencil sketch that has been digitally refined.

There is No End to History, No Perfect Existence (1957):
Ludwig von Mises

February 11, 2011
All doctrines that have sought to discover in the course of human history some definite trend in the sequence of changes have disagreed, in reference to the past, with the historically established facts and where they tried to predict the future have been spectacularly proved wrong by later events. Most of these doctrines were characterized by reference to a state of perfection in human affairs. They placed this perfect state either at the beginning of history or at its end or at both its beginning and its end. Consequently, history appeared in their interpretation as a progressive deterioration or a progressive improvement or as a period of progressive deterioration to be followed by one of progressive improvement. The great Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises did not agree with these doctrines, as this excerpt from his 1957 work Theory and History explains.

Rondo #4, Op. 68:
G. Stolyarov II

February 6, 2011
In this cheerful rondo, composed in the key of D major, the main melody (B) evolves from a simple scale and becomes increasingly intricate with each iteration. The structure of the composition is ABCB'DB''A'B'''. Length: 2:17.

Our 30-Year Mistake:
Ron Paul

February 11, 2011
Rep. Ron Paul hopes that Egyptians are able to work toward a more free and just society. Unfortunately, much of the blame for the unrest in Egypt and the resulting instability in the region rests with US foreign policy over the past several decades. The US government has sent more than $60 billion to the Egyptian regime since the Camp David Accords in 1978 to purchase stability, including more security for the state of Israel. We see now the folly of our interventionist foreign policy: not only has that stability fallen to pieces with the current unrest, but the years of propping up the corrupt regime in Egypt has led the people to increase their resentment of both America and Israel! 

Animal Rights and the Globalist Agenda:
Kathleen Marquardt and Tom DeWeese

February 11, 2011
People confuse animal rights with animal welfare, which are as different as black and white. Kathleen Marquardt and Tom DeWeese explain the distinction. Animal Welfare is the humane caring for animals. Animal Rights are the use of animals to attack human existence.

Should Congress Raise the Debt Ceiling?:
Robert P. Murphy

February 11, 2011
At current rates of spending, the federal government may bump up against its debt limit as early as March. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner warns that it will be "catastrophic to the economy" if Congress doesn't increase Uncle Sam's credit limit. Writers in conservative outlets call for Republicans to use this opportunity to extract significant spending cuts before extending the limit. And some extreme libertarians argue that the debt ceiling shouldn't be raised, because a federal government default would be a good thing for the American people. In this article Dr. Robert Murphy explains the basic situation and comment on each of these views.

Egypt: Gaining Freedom After the Revolution:
G. Stolyarov II

February 12, 2011

When Hosni Mubarak, Egypt's deeply entrenched brutal dictator of Egypt of 30 years, finally succumbed to pressure from protesters and resigned on February 11, 2011, Mr. Stolyarov was elated. But it is not enough just to overthrow an oppressive regime. The hardest work – achieving genuine freedom – begins after the revolution.

Demonizing Bisphenol-A: The BPA File, Part One:
Alan Caruba

February 12, 2011
This is Part One of an expos
regarding an international scare campaign directed against a chemical that has been in safe use, protecting people's health, for over fifty years! Alan Caruba will post a commentary each month through June examining the junk science behind the smears against Bisphenol-A.

The Trouble with "The Trouble with Liberty":
Bradley Doucet

February 12, 2011

If nothing else, Christopher Beam’s recent New York magazine profile of libertarianism is a sign that our political philosophy is gaining currency. No mainstream cultural outlet would have even considered running a piece like “The Trouble with Liberty” just a dozen years ago. It may be a small victory, but an article that more or less accurately sketches the outlines of libertarianism for a wide audience is worth remarking upon. Bradley Doucet thinks it would take him a year to challenge all of Beam’s illiberal beliefs in detail, but seeing as he himself provides little or no support for his (yes, oversimplified) arguments, the briefest of retorts should suffice. Here, then, are Mr. Doucet's bite-sized responses to 12 of Beam’s arguments against libertarianism.

 "A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others." 
~ Ayn Rand