Advertise Permanently on TRA for $1 to Fight Aging

G. Stolyarov II
Issue XXV - August 23, 2004
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Note: This offer is no longer current. It is reproduced here for the purpose of historical record-keeping.

The Rational Argumentator is pleased to announce one of the most cost-efficient advertising offers available on the Internet.

Most conventional advertising agencies will charge a company exorbitantly in order to spread its message to consumers. As a matter of fact, even extremely lucrative deals, such as that offered by (whose spirit and message The Rational Argumentator wholly dissents from, by the way) would charge advertisers $8 for a single line of a text ad that would only be run for 24 hours competing with other such ads. The many websites that claim to offer “free” advertising in fact only offer their advertising free for a certain period of time, and then automatically begin to charge their clients after that time period’s expiration. Additionally, such “free” firms may ask clients to subscribe to other advertising offers merely to post theirs.

TRA bypasses all of these inconveniences and offers a deal of unprecedented ease and opportunity. Rather than charge $8 for a single-day advertisement, TRA requests only $1 for a permanent advertisement to be posted on its site. Moreover, this advertisement can subsume an entire page, which will be linked to TRA’s planned Hall of Sponsors.  The Hall of Sponsors will, in turn, be accessible from TRA’s Master Index, each subsequent Issue Index, and each subsequent posted article. The party wishing to advertise will have the option to submit either the text of the ad, and give TRA the liberty of formatting it, or submit the entire HTML code of the ad for TRA to post.

Moreover, TRA will not commercially profit from this transaction. Rather, we ask that the advertiser direct $1.00 in donations to the Methuselah Foundation, which hosts the Methuselah Mouse Prize, an international prize fund to inspire a race that will culminate in the defeat of human aging itself.  Once TRA receives notification of your donation to the Methuselah Foundation, your ad will be posted. Please contact us if you intend to make such a donation, or if you have already made one and wish to advertise on TRA.

There are two ways to make a donation to the Methuselah Foundation:

1. Donate online via credit card. Click here to do so. Contributions can be made by filling out the fields on the donation page; when you click "Donate" you will be taken to WorldPay, the world's leading payment provider, to enter credit card details. The amount that you donate, together with your name unless you indicate that you wish to remain anonymous, will appear in the Foundation's roll-call of Donors to the Methuselah Mouse Prize. You will receive automatic email notification that the Methuselah Foundation has received your donation.

2. Send a check payable to "The Methuselah Foundation" to the following address:

The Methuselah Foundation
9131 Stone Garden Drive
Lorton, VA 22079

Please indicate in a note enclosed with the check, or in the check's memo section, the prize to which you would like the donation applied (PP or RP), and whether you would like the donation to be with attribution or anonymous (your donation needs to be attributable to you if you wish to advertise on TRA).

Except for donating $1.00 to the Methuselah Foundation and creating the text of your ad, you will have no obligation whatsoever under this offer. You will not be required to subscribe to anything, and your advertisement will remain permanently, that is, so long as TRA continues to exist.

The reason for this endeavor’s initiation is not earn any money for myself or for The Rational Argumentator. Rather, it is a far more selfish aim: to attract contributions to an endeavor that may someday reverse my aging and save my life. I value a lot of life far more than a little bit of profit. Of course, if you donate, you can expect the same benefits regarding your life as well. You will also save multitudes of other individuals from having to perish as a result of aging. The Methuselah Foundation's authoritative LifeLine equation presents an estimate of how many lives can be saved by each dollar in contributions. To see an index of how many people your own age you can save by accepting this offer to advertise your business, please see the Chicago Methuselah Foundation Fund's Life Card.

The Criteria for Advertisements:

1. You may advertise any product, service, system or place, except those which are explicitly prohibited by the following criteria.

2. You may not advertise anything related to sex or implying sexual content.

3. You may not include expressions of racism, obscenity, profanity, character assassination, or ad hominem accusation.

4. Your product may not violate the individual rights of others as defined by the Lockean system of rights as negative obligations. (If you are not sure about what this entails, have no fear. TRA will review your ad and decide whether or not it violates this condition.)

5. Your product may not violate any existing copyright, patent, or trademark protections.

6. You may not misrepresent the nature of your offer or your product in any manner. By accepting this offer, you confirm that your advertisement is truthful in its entirety.

Evidently, these very simple guidelines allow virtually anyone to advertise virtually anything in good taste on TRA. Take advantage of this offer while it exists, for, due to the non-profit nature of the endeavor, it is far more lucrative than anything offered by for-profit advertisers on the Internet.

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