March 29 - April 2, 2010

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A Lesson in Profit:
Marsha Enright and Gen LaGreca
April 1, 2010
Marsha Enright and GenLa Greca write that in Henry Ford—a thin man who was the fattest of fat cats—we see an embodied refutation of President Obama’s worldview, a worldview which criticizes and seeks to restrain profit. Ford developed a new form of transportation vastly cheaper, faster, more convenient, and superior to the old mode. He continually lowered prices so that everyone, rich and poor, would have access to his product. He created thousands of jobs. He raised employee wages. He did all this good without government grants, bailouts, stimuli, subsidies, or coercion, but simply as a result of the honest pursuit of personal gain.

Bringing Light, Health, and Prosperity to Africa:
Roy Innis and Niger Innis
March 30, 2010
Climate change prevention” policies advanced by President Obama and his Administration are often in direct conflict with his energy, economic, and human welfare goals. Perhaps nowhere is this more starkly apparent than in Africa. The Administration's vision and intentions may be admirable, but its policies often undermine its desired outcomes. And yet, the news media and even African leaders have failed to point out this clear disconnect.
This informative article by Roy Innis and Niger Innis summarizes these errors and oversights … and the need for reform.

Volunteers of America:
Marita Noon
March 30, 2010
Marita Noon was despondent in 2009, but is hopeful in 2010 regarding the political situation pertaining to energy. This article by Ms. Noon captures the current zeitgeist quite nicely; Americans are fed up with anti-growth environmental zealots, and the people are ready to grow this economy and to create jobs through increased energy production. After all, energy makes America great!

Health Care Lunacy Begins:
Charles N. Steele
April 1, 2010
The March 30 New York Times has a short article documenting a few of the odd provisions in the health care reform we weren't told about before it was passed... things like a tighter restrictions on Health Savings Accounts, requirements that chain restaurants print the calories in each item on their menus, taxes on tanning salons, and a requirement that firms provide employees who are nursing special rooms for expressing breast milk.  NYT disingenuously observes, "Who knew?" Indeed, writes Dr. Charles Steele, no one really knows exactly what lies in these thousands of pages of legislation, and no one knows how all the various provisions will affect health care and the economy in general.

Health Care, Hayek, and Freedom:

Gary Wolfram
April 1, 2010
Dr. Gary Wolfram is sad that Congress celebrated the 50th anniversary of Friedrich Hayek’s work, The Constitution of Liberty, by ignoring any pretense that its power is limited. It is clear the Obama administration and the Democrat majority in Congress does not feel that the temporary majority is to be bound by any general principle other than “do you have the votes.”  The 2000+-page health care bill goes so far beyond what this country was founded on that it is difficult to know where to begin.

Reflections on a National Disaster:
Alan Caruba
April 1, 2010
After the passage of the recent "health care" bill, Alan Caruba  now doubts that it will be repealed, nullified by the states, or reversed by the Supreme Court. While it is true that most constitutional scholars believe the bill is unconstitutional, taking and twisting the Commerce clause beyond recognition, Mr. Caruba believes the damage has been done.

Destroying America With the EPA's Carbon Lies:

Alan Caruba
April 2, 2010
Lisa Jackson, Obama’s EPA director, has just announced the agency’s new auto regulations of gas mileage based on global warming. In addition, the agency asserts the right to regulate carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions under the Clean Air Act. There is absolutely no scientific justification for this, and, indeed, many observers believe the EPA lacks the legal authority regarding its stance on CO2. Alan Caruba believes that the EPA regulatory control of auto mileage and CO2 emissions is a complete fraud and a contemptible lie. In doing so, the EPA has become a gangster agency that has abandoned any credibility.

Healthcare Intervention: The Bigger Picture:
Douglas French
April 2
, 2010
The prospect and reality of Obamacare have woken up many people to the need to stop the socialization of medical care in America. It will produce here what it has produced everywhere: stagnation, overutilization, rationing, and the sacrifice of individual well-being in the name of collective justice. This, writes Douglas French, is the result not only of every experiment in socialized medicine but of every experiment in socialism generally.

An Imperial Presidency in the Making?:
Chuck Baldwin
April 2
, 2010
Dr. Chuck Baldwin believes that the Obama administration is rapidly evolving into an imperial presidency. Given the lack of genuine humility and character of America's President -- and the unwillingness of Congress and the Supreme Court to restrain his unconstitutional propensities -- it is left to the states and the People to hold this would-be king in check.

A Complete Denunciation of War - Video Series:
G. Stolyarov II
March 29, 2010
Mr. Stolyarov originally supported the Iraq and Afghanistan occupations. Over the years, his views gradually transitioned from foreign-policy interventionism to a complete condemnation of all war. This  two-part video series discusses some key steps in that transition and articulates some key general arguments against war.
"The direct use of force is such a poor solution to any problem, it is generally employed only by small children and large nations." 
~ David Friedman