November 15, 2009

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The Candlemakers' Petition (1845):
Frederic Bastiat
November 15, 2009
This classic satire by French economist and free-market advocate Frederic Bastiat (1801-1850) illustrates the follies of protectionism via a petition of the makers of artificial light for government barriers against their major competitor: the sun. A free audio recording of this essay in mp3 format, read by Mr. Stolyarov, is available here.

Krugman's Magic Solution to Budgetary Woes:
Robert P. Murphy
November 15, 2009
Long-time readers know that Robert Murphy is second only to Bill Anderson in his constant criticism of Paul Krugman. Indeed, he quite recently defended the gold standard from Krugman's ridicule. Given this context, Dr. Murphy is very surprised to confess that Krugman has convinced him of the virtues of currency debasement. As he was reading his blog post on the tragic fate of Ecuador, Dr. Murphy applied Krugman's lessons to his personal life, and suddenly everything became clear. In a flash, all of his household's financial stresses were solved. Please allow Dr. Murphy to share Krugman's tale — and his own personal salvation — so that you too may be freed from the bondage of creditors and scarcity.

Healthcare Reform is Economic Malpractice:

Ron Paul
November 15, 2009
As Washington continues debating healthcare reform, the rest of the country is primarily concerned about jobs and the economy.  It is still uncertain what policies will be implemented, but Rep. Ron Paul is certain about one thing:  It will only further devastate our economy and our dollar.

A Man-Made Financial Disaster:
Alan Caruba
November 15, 2009
Alan Caruba writes that there is a determined effort under way to undermine the free-market capitalist system that made America the greatest economic and military power in the world. Both the White House and the Democrat-controlled Congress are parties to it. The financial crisis of late 2008 and the ensuing recession were products of ill-conceived policies.

Tackling Discrimination and Risk Management in the European Union: Why We Must Not Repeat the U. S. Subprime Mortgage Mistake!:
Molinari Economic Institute
November 15, 2009
A new study from the Institut économique Molinari (IEM) says the European Union’s program of “tackling discrimination” presents many perverse effects that prevent effective risk management in society. The highly ambitious European agenda in this area will have an especially harmful impact on the insurance sector, penalising insurers and policyholders alike.
Read this IEM press release to find out more.

Illiberal Belief #26: Life is a Zero-Sum Game:

Bradley Doucet
November 15, 2009
One underlying belief Bradley Doucet encounters quite often in one form or another is the notion that life is a zero-sum game—more specifically, that there is a fixed amount of wealth in the world, and for one person to gain, another must necessarily lose. Mr. Doucet discusses and refutes the zero-sum fallacy in this essay.

Illiberal Belief #27: Guilty Until Proven Innocent:
Bradley Doucet
November 15, 2009
It is a commonly understood mark of an illiberal regime that it metes out punishment without trial, or with a show trial to rubber-stamp a predetermined verdict of guilt. We expect this kind of behaviour only from the tinpot dictators of backward nations. When a modern power like the United States holds people without conclusive evidence for years in a prison on foreign soil in the name of fighting terrorism, we rightly decry it as behaviour unbecoming a constitutional republic. Bradley Doucet explores some other ways in which the illiberal belief of "guilty until proven innocent" manifests itself in contemporary society. Mr. Doucet recommends some essential habits of thought for avoiding the application of this belief in one's own life and conclusions.

All Pain, No Gain:
Paul Driessen
November 15, 2009
Paul Driessen explains how cap-tax-and-trade will inflict monumental pain on American businesses and families… for virtually zero environmental gain.

Al Gore: Junk Science Huckster:
Paul Driessen
November 15, 2009
Paul Driessen chronicles the many ways in which the “prince of global warming” has deliberately mislead Congress and the American people.

Barack Obama's Suicide Mission to Copenhagen:
Tom DeWeese
November 15, 2009
Will Barack Obama sign the Copenhagen Climate Change Treaty? Tom DeWeese believes that one thing is very clear. If Barack Obama signs the Copenhagen Climate Change Treaty, he will be committing national suicide.  

"Innovators and creative geniuses cannot be reared in schools. They are precisely the men who defy what the school has taught them." 
~ Ludwig von Mises