Man's Struggle Against Death, Op. 57

G. Stolyarov II
December 12, 2008
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Man’s Struggle Against Death, Op. 57: Listen and Download.

Length: 2:18

This composition by Mr. Stolyarov depicts the most important challenge facing humankind during all of its existence – the imperative of freeing individual humans from the ghastly and unconscionable fate of eventually ceasing to exist. Physical immortality in this world is not only possible with sufficient advances in scientific knowledge and medical technology – it is also supremely desirable, and we who are alive now should work to attain it as early as we can.

As Dr. Aubrey de Grey describes in his essay, “The Quest for Indefinite Life II,” there are only seven primary causes of human biological senescence – which leads to death:

1. Cell loss/atrophy
2. Nuclear [epi]mutations
3. Mutant mitochondria
4. Cell senescence
5. Extracellular crosslinks
6. Extracellular junk
7. Intracellular junk

This led Mr. Stolyarov to compose a work where there are seven variations on the same theme – with the theme representing to consistent, unyielding human effort to defeat death and achieve indefinite longevity. Every time that a variation on the theme is played parallels one of the causes of death finally being overcome by human ingenuity. Accordingly, the melody becomes more jubilant and determined as the composition progresses, because there are fewer perils awaiting man and the amount of the task remaining is reduced.
Once the seven variations are complete (which corresponds with the attainment of indefinite life), the coda of the work is meant to evoke the last line of John Donne’s sonnet, “Death, Be Not Proud”: “And death shall be no more; death, thou shalt die.”
John Donne was not himself a physical immortalist (he was alive too early), but the last line of his poem is an excellent motto for immortalists to adopt as we spread awareness of the need and urgency of defeating this greatest of all perils.

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