A Journal for Western Man :  Issue LIII

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Production versus Consumption:
March 31, 2006:
Dr. George Reisman describes two opposing views of economics-- one from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and the other from the seventeenth and twentieth. The first of these views-- productionism-- underscores the importance of wealth creation to economic prosperity, while the second-- consumptionism-- tries to assert that consuming more wealth magically creates more still. Productionism is a theory that advocates justly rewarding economic producers by leaving the market to its own devices, while consumptionism tries to redistribute wealth from those who produce to those who do not.

Soda and the Sin Tax:  
March 31, 2006:
Dr. Robert P. Murphy notes an alarming pseudo-scientific movement to "prove" that soft drinks "cause" obesity and to thereby influence a federal tax on such beverages. Not only are the "studies" that support this movement specious, but the very idea of a federal tax on consumer foods is an immense violation of consumer freedoms. 

Murray Rothbard's Ideas of Demonstrated Preference and Their Use in Defense of a Free Market:
April 2, 2006:
G. Stolyarov II explains Murray Rothbard's critical contribution to Austrian-school utility and welfare economics-- the idea of demonstrated preference-- on the basis of which Rothbard defends praxeology against rival methods of psychologizing and behaviorism and arrives at a consistent advocacy of the free market as optimal from an economic perspective.


Do Bratty Kids Turn into Conservatives or Liberals?:
March 29, 2006:
Selwyn Duke refutes the blatantly false and ill-intentioned recent study by Jack Block that "whiny" kids grow up to become conservatives while "confident and outgoing" ones become liberals. Rather, argues Mr. Duke, Block is guilty of mis-labeling the traits of children he observes. There is nothing wrong for children to cling to adults and figures of authority, while the "assertive" children Block describes can be better termed bullies and brats. Mr. Duke presents further evidence that today's "social sciences" are simply attempts to justify the left-wing political agenda. 

From Here to Insanity:
March 29, 2006:
Selwyn Duke analyzes the beginning of the media's propagandizing of the homosexual movement in the 1970s and compares it to the rise of the polygamist movement today. The slippery slope that will follow any legalization of gay marriage is not only inevitable; it has already started. If homosexuals are allowed to undermine the integrity of marriage, then polygamists will attempt to do further damage soon after.

No Better Time for "Roe v. Wade for Men:"
April 1, 2006:
Scott Kauzlarich analyzes a recent lawsuit to disallow government coercion of males who did not want a given child to pay support for that child. Freedom from this coercive obligation to support will lessen the number of illegitimate births and diminish the rate at which the government subsidizes promiscuous, irresponsible sexual behavior.

Quattrone's Successful Appeal a Victory against Persecution of Capitalists:
April 2, 2006:
Dr. Edward Hudgins reports fortuitous tidings from an appeals court which threw out the unjustified "obstruction of justice" conviction of financial entrepreneur and innovator Frank Quattrone. Quattrone has been subjected to envy, maligned, and persecuted on fabricated charges. It is finally time to recognize that he has done nothing wrong and to challenge the anti-business slant of the U.S. government and court system. 

France Labors at Folly:
April 2, 2006:
Dr. Edward Hudgins criticizes France's intrusive and irrational labor laws-- which prohibit employers from firing employees at their discretion. The French today have a serious problem with their moral values: they desire the unearned-- at others' expense.

Time to Clean House at Goldman Sachs:
April 2, 2006:
Goldman Sachs chairman and CEO Henry Paulson is guilty of unethical, blatantly destructive conduct-- closely collaborating with radial environmentalist groups to coercively limit economic development and force millions of people in the Third World into abject destitution. Paul Driessen explains Paulson's guilt in this article and supports two free-market groups' recent resolutions in condemnation of Paulson.


Bionics Beats Brain Disorders:
April 2, 2006:
Recent advances in bionic technology has made it possible to easily and painlessly treat patients of epilepsy, writes Michael Fumento. This article is a tribute to medical science in providing humane remedies for patients of "mental illnesses"-- people who were once thought demonically possessed or cruelly imprisoned in mental institutions.

"Free will may be analyzed, but it is not to be questioned. It is the ultimate given of human nature."

~ G. Stolyarov II