A Journal for Western Man :  Issue XLVII

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Transmission without Travel: The Behavior of Light:                                                                        Errors of Post-Classical Fysics Series: Part VII
January 13, 2006:
G. Stolyarov II explains how light can be transmitted without "traveling" or involving any transfer of matter between entities. He demolishes the fallacy that all relationships of process must be contact interactions and shows the possibility and necessity of viewing light as a direct interaction at a distance between source and target.

Is Modern Science Rational?:
January 13, 2006:
Professor S. R. Bongale contends that the methodology of modern science is fundamentally irrational, because it is compartmentialized and lacks coherence and unity among the various disciplines of knowledge. Furthermore, the filosofy of positivism dominating much of modern science is a form of gross irrationalism, rejecting the metafysical search for ultimate answers as futile. Science will become rational only when modern scientists cease to militantly insist on its "autonomy" from other branches of knowledge, especially filosofy.

Ayn Rand's 101st Birthday:
February 3, 2006:
In celebration of the great thinker Ayn Rand's birthday anniversary, Dr. Edward Hudgins reminds us of her invaluable filosofical, cultural, and political legacy.   

Questions to Ask Scientific Authority:
February 3, 2006:
In light of recent exposed fabrications of stem cell research, Wendy McElroy claims that the scientific community is not doing its job in apprehending frauds. Instead, it is the task of intelligent individuals to question the pronouncements of scientists and demand objective validation for each. Like anyone else, scientific experts should not be taken on faith.


Rational Happiness, Op. 45:                                                                                                           January 13, 2006:
G. Stolyarov II presents his latest musical composition, a brief, structured, joyful work-- which demonstrates how one might go about celebrating life in a rational fashion.

Minuet #7 (Classical Minuet), Op. 46:                                                                                                  January 13, 2006:
This composition by G. Stolyarov II exhibits the structure of the classical minuet: direct, elegant, comprehensible, and precise.

Rodney Rawlings: Halley's Comet:
February 3, 2006:
Due to the now defunct nature of the prior link to it, TRA once again offers Rodney Rawlings's composition, "Halley's Comet."

Rodney Rawlings: Reconstruction on Ground Zero:
February 3, 2006:
TRA again renders available Rodney Rawlings's work envisioning the rebuilding of the World Trade Center after the terrorist attacks. The beginning signifies quiet contemplation of the ruins; the hammering notes, the construction; the ending, the completed towers.

Rodney Rawlings: Come Down, O Maid:
February 3, 2006:
This composition by Rodney Rawlings is from his play, The Watcher on the Shore, and is partially based on Alfred, Lord Tennyson's poem, "The Princess."


Ray Nagin and the Chocolate Factory:
January 26, 2006:
New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin's recent comments--concerning the post-Hurricane Katrine "divine mandate" for African-American racial predominance in his city-- are plainly comical, writes Selwyn Duke. 

Does New Cyberstalking Law Criminalize Freedom of Expression?:
January 26, 2006:
An addendum to the recent Violence Against Women Act-- titled, "Preventing Cyberstalking"-- has raised concerns as to whether it might impede anonymous free speech on the Internet that others deem "annoying." Wendy McElroy analyzes the arguments on both sides of this issue and concludes that the vague wording of the provision makes this debate possible-- and establishes a potential danger in the provision's future use as a form of censorship. 

Kidnapping Plot Robs Fathers' Rights Group of Credibility:
January 26, 2006:
The exposure of an alleged plot by the group, "Fathers 4 Justice," to kidnap Tony Blair's son shows a disturbing trend, writes Wendy McElroy. This trend is the rising willingness of fathers' rights activist groups to use violence rather than peaceful persuasion to achieve public exposure and change. If anything, this hurts the true victims of fathers' rights abuses by diverting public attention from their legitimate grievances.

BB&T Stands Up for Rights:
February 3, 2006:
Dr. David Kelley describes the staunch and heroic refusal of the banking firm BB&T to support companies benefiting from the use of eminent domain. BB&T is a firm informed by Objectivist principles and refusing to pragmatically compromise in deviation from them.

Environmentalist Vultures:
February 3, 2006:
Columbia, Maryland, has been beset by actual parasitic, destructive vultures. Yet the citizens of that community are not only powerless to resist them due to environmental restrictions; they do not even wish to resist the invasion. Dr. Edward Hudgins blames this on an evil mentality that views human beings as subordinate to disgusting pests.   

A Bad Law Must Be Repealed:
February 3, 2006:
Tom DeWeese argues that the Endangered Species Act is the most destructive law ever created-- endangering American businessmen, homeowners, and farmers in the alleged interest of preserving species it fails to protect. Any modifications to the act will only extend it; it must be repealed altogether.