A Journal for Western Man




The Bleeding Hearts' Hypocrisy

G. Stolyarov II

Issue II- September 3, 2002


They do in reverence before their idol bow,
To the behemoth, Pacifism, present their chant,
“One never must the use of force allow.”
The means they seek oppose the claims they rant.

A man will murder, heads of infants crack.
For him they will a penalty oppose.
Their phantom world does all coercion lack,
And in it none may punishment impose,

The  villains multiply, horrendous havoc wreak,
Good, law-abiding citizens their foremost mark.
Hope of security for proper men is bleak.
Morality is stifled by a menace dark.

Homes fall to ruin, and cities writhe in flame.
Pacifism prospers in an atmosphere of hate.
Indoctrinated men die, still in self-directed shame.
Their killers are released to rehabilitate.

The bloodlust prospers, its recovery
Permitting it with new-found cruelty to surge.
No time remains for progress and discovery.
All is possessed by primitive, destructive urge.

Is this the world of their ideal peace?
Where instinct reigns, civility is lost!
If a society does murderers release,
My friends, your moral lives will be the cost!

With a deterrence gone, what do they have to say?
That crime’s the last resort of the oppressed!!
That only when the killers’ thoughts hold sway
And dominate society will crime become suppressed!

If terror’s on the throne, what safety will remain?
What spot on earth will not be littered by entrails?
Good citizens must slay the wicked and profane
And follow not the bleeding hearts’ hypocrisy that fails.

The bleeding heart from loss of blood will wane.

G. Stolyarov II is a science fiction novelist, independent filosofical essayist, poet, amateur mathematician, composer, contributor to Enter Stage Right, Le Quebecois Libre, and the Ludwig von Mises Institute, Senior Writer for The Liberal Institute, and Editor-in-Chief of The Rational Argumentator, a magazine championing the principles of reason, rights, and progress. His newest science fiction novel is Eden against the Colossus. His latest non-fiction treatise is A Rational Cosmology. Mr. Stolyarov can be contacted at gennadystolyarovii@yahoo.com.

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