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Answer Keys for the 2008 Edition of Marcel B. Finan's 

A Probability Course for the Actuaries

G. Stolyarov II
First Edition Published July-August 2008
Second Edition Published July 2014
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Click here to download a free PDF copy of the Second Edition of these answer keys.

These answer keys are meant to assist students using Marcel B. Finan's  A Probability Course for the Actuaries. With Dr. Finan's permission, Mr. Stolyarov wrote solutions for the problems in his study guide and has endeavored to make the answer keys to each section publicly available. Do the problems at the end of each section and then check your answers with these keys.

Dr. Finan's study guide is an excellent resource for those preparing to take Actuarial Exam P on probability.

Problems that require numerical answers are answered here, but it is still the responsibility of the student to provide his or her own work for these problems. These answers are meant to enable students to independently verify the correctness of their reasoning by checking to see if the end result they obtained is correct. Questions from the study guide that require proofs or diagrams are not addressed here.

The answers in this document are current as of August 2008 and were previously published on Associated Content / Yahoo! Voices. The contents of A Probability Course for the Actuaries have been greatly expanded since that time, and some of the problem numbers have changed, while new sections have been added. While updates to these answer keys are possible in the future, Mr. Stolyarov’s priority in July 2014 has been to republish the existing answer keys within this PDF document, so as to preserve them subsequent to the closure of Yahoo! Voices on July 30, 2014.

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