Gennady Stolyarov II

Gennady Stolyarov II is an actuary, author, philosopher, composer, and mortgage-free homeowner who has resided in the Indian Hills General Improvement District since March 2010.

In the 2018 elections, he is a candidate for one of the positions on the Indian Hills General Improvement District (IHGID) Board of Trustees, which will become vacant on January 1, 2019.

Mr. Stolyarov’s statement as a candidate is found on this page.

You can also watch Mr. Stolyarov's presentation at the IHGID "Meet the Candidates" Night on October 17, 2018.

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Through reason, technology, and respect for property rights, we can live well and improve.

The Indian Hills General Improvement District (IHGID) is an excellent place to live. I would like to help keep it that way.


I have lived here for eight years, since March 2010. One of my goals has been to pay off my mortgage before the age of 30, and I have achieved this goal. As a mortgage-free homeowner in the IHGID, I am completely invested in the well-being of this community and its residents. This is where I have chosen to make my stand.

I am a property/casualty actuary by profession and passed a series of rigorous professional examinations to obtain the Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (FSA) designation, along with nine other professional insurance designations, also prior to the age of 30. In college, I was the salutatorian of my graduating class and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree with a triple-major in Economics, Mathematics, and German. I have published books (including actuarial study guides), composed 86 musical works, and have run long distances, including several marathons, both formally and informally. I know the value of hard work, creative thinking, and frugality.

In attending meetings of the IHGID Board of Trustees, I have gained great respect for the existing Board members and the General Manager and his staff. I would like to continue in the spirit of thoughtful discussion, rational inquiry, and factual orientation that have characterized the discussions I observed.

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Accordingly, my campaign is grounded in the following principles:

Transcending political divisions: The IHGID Board of Trustees is nonpartisan, and I am running as a nonpartisan for this office. This means that I hope to represent everyone in this District, no matter what their political views or how they might differ from mine. Although we live in a politically divisive era, when it comes to a high quality of life in a neighborhood, we all have shared values that enable common ground to be found. We may not always agree on particular issues, or always reach an outcome that satisfies everyone, but I will strive to engage sincerely and transparently with each interested resident, and find creative solutions that meet as many goals of as many residents as possible.

Putting facts first: Many of the decisions of the IHGID Board of Trustees are focused on specific knowledge about the water, sewer, and road systems within the District. I consider it crucial to gather as much factual information as possible about the workings of the affected systems, the available options, and the benefits and costs involved with each option, before making a decision. Every decision is a learning opportunity, and I promise to be open to the facts and to the input of those with knowledge and experience in the areas that the decisions affect.  

Ensuring that key infrastructure operates smoothly: We all want clean and safe water, well-maintained roads, and an effective sewer system. Additionally, the IHGID maintains parks that many residents enjoy and hosts events that improve quality of life for members of this community. These core functions are important and need to be performed well. Many people only notice them if there is a shortcoming, but the IHGID conducts valuable work in the background to prevent such shortcomings from arising. I will be attentive to this work, in large part so that residents can go about their daily lives smoothly. In my experience, there has been significant improvement in these areas during my time as a resident in the District, and I hope to encourage and work toward further improvement wherever possible.

Respecting homeowners’ property rights: I espouse the view that one’s home is one’s inviolable personal domain. This means that choices about esthetics – such as home décor, color, texture, landscaping, outdoor furniture, statuary, and other purely visual elements – should be entirely within the discretion of a home’s owner. I oppose any plan to establish a homeowners association within the IHGID, and I support keeping the IHGID’s roles as currently defined. The only justifiable restrictions on a homeowner’s prerogatives should be considerations of the health and safety of others, as well as the ability of others to make rightful use of the common elements of the neighborhood. I support and encourage compliance with all IHGID policies and applicable provisions of law, including Douglas County Ordinances, and I also support being a good neighbor – which includes maintaining clean and visually appealing properties. However, much that is good about the appearance of our neighborhood can be and has been achieved informally and voluntarily – by people respecting others and arranging improvements amongst themselves. Not everything that is good should be mandatory.   

Pursuing technological solutions: I am a strong advocate of emerging technologies in a wide variety of realms. I will think carefully and thoroughly about which new advances can enable the IHGID to fulfill its purposes in a more effective and cost-effective manner, while only improving quality of service.  

Enabling resident initiatives: If you have an idea for an effort that will improve life in this neighborhood, and you are willing to implement it through your own hard work and that of people who agree with you, please feel free to reach out to me, and I will explore how this idea relates to the IHGID and how to enable your idea to be realized within the framework of the IHGID’s mission and goals.

Supporting development that helps everyone and preserving valuable amenities: I believe that it is possible to have more of everything that everyone considers good. Life is not a zero-sum game; it can be positive-sum with the appropriate focus on win-win solutions and sincere consideration of how to improve from everyone’s perspective. I am a runner and hiker, so I enjoy open space and an abundance of trails nearby. I also consider additional residential development in the vicinity to be beneficial, provided that it is supported by adequate infrastructure – such as well-maintained roads, multiple outlets, and water and wastewater systems that amply provide for all residents’ needs. The real-world approach to particular situations involving preservation and development is often highly situationally specific, and could, in certain circumstances, be outside the scope of the IHGID’s boundaries and mission altogether. However, I promise to thoughtfully consider how our neighborhood and the surrounding areas are changing and to reach informed opinions regarding how any problems could be viably addressed. Through science, technology, rational thinking, and the consequent progress of our civilization, we are all tremendously better off than our ancestors were generations ago. We can continue the improvement on every scale, from local to global.

● Commitment to fair campaign practices: I have signed the Nevada Code of Fair Campaign Practices and will abide by it. There will be three vacancies for the IHGID Board of Trustees on January 1, 2019. I promise that I will treat every candidate with civility and respect.  I reject negative campaigning and all personal attacks.



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