The Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor: A Tool for Effective Exercise


G. Stolyarov II

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Note from the Author: I was commissioned to write this product review by Associated Content (which subsequently became Yahoo! Voices) in 2007. The article has enjoyed some popularity and has received over 1,250 views to date. Due to the closure of Yahoo! Voices in 2014, I render this article permanently available on this page.

~ G. Stolyarov II, July 21, 2014

Exercising in an informed, effective way is often difficult when a person has nothing but his subjective feelings to go by. Fortunately, a great tool is now available to help people exercise intelligently and track in detail the effects of their workouts. The Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor has greatly enhanced my own exercise program by giving me extensive details about my heart rate during exercise, calorie expenditure, and comparisons among different days of activity.

The Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor is a multi-purpose device. It can function as a regular watch -- with a convenient, broad screen that includes time, date, and day of the week. It comes with a strap that the user attaches to the chest; the wet electrodes on the strap allow the device to accurately register the user's heart rate and to continue to display it for hours at a time. I once tried letting the monitor record my heart rate and calorie expenditure for an entire day, and it fulfilled the task flawlessly.

This heart rate monitor does not use just some generic or average statistics to determine a person's heart rate and number of calories burned. Rather, the Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor's "OwnZone" feature allows it to determine the target heart rate for the particular individual using it. The "OwnZone" feature calculates a target heart rate prior to any specific exercise session -- thereby enabling this fitness device to accurately reflect the physical state and needs of the person using it, at the specific time it is being used.

Owning the Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor has taken a lot of the guesswork out of exercise for me. I do a variety of physical activities -- including running, bicycle riding, long-distance walking, and weight lifting. Prior to getting the monitor, I always wondered how effective every exercise was compared to every other. Now I know how many calories each exercise tends to burn for me and the kinds of heart rates I can reach with each kind. This has allowed me to accurately determine the types of exercise and duration of activity that would be most conducive to my physical fitness goals.

The Polar Heart Rate Monitor is easily accessible and extensively customizable. During the exercise, the user can swiftly scroll through the various data the monitor displays. After the exercise is done, the monitor stores information about it for weeks afterward and gives weekly exercise reports that concisely summarize the user's activity. The monitor can also be adjusted for different desired levels of exercise intensity; it offers light, moderate, heavy, and custom exercise settings. No matter how a person wants to get in shape, the Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor has features that can help. It has enhanced my enjoyment of physical activity and enabled me to obtain an unprecedented level of control over the way in which I develop my fitness.

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